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Aquafresh Cool is the simplest way to reduce the heat in your house. This single pack water based acrylic paint prevents heat build-up on the roof by continuously reflecting IR radiations from the sun, back to the atmosphere. It is designed to act as a preventive, thereby facilitating reduction in heat transfer from the roof to the interiors of the building. The reduction in temperature at the roof top (between coated & uncoated substrate) will vary from 12 Degree C to 5 Degree C depending on the ambient temperature. Tamilnad Traders are Whole sellers and Project suppliers of its vast range of products to various Structural Industries, Power Plants, Refineries, Off Shore Installations, Fertilizer Industries, Petro Chemical Plants, Sugar, and Textile Industries in meeting their Maintenance, Anti Corrosive, Floor, Protective Coatings requirements.
Asian Paints Heat Resisting Silicon based Aluminium Paint to with stand Temperature up to 500 Deg for use in Boilers, Chimneys, Heat Resisting Coating.
Chimney Exterior Coating Heat Resistant Black
Heat Resistant Black for Chimney Coating